Add that Final Touch With Shower Door Handles

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. In a bathroom, this can be shower door handles. When you are installing a new shower cubicle, you may spend most of your time and energy choosing door styles, mulling over base units or double checking you have the seals up to scratch.

But your shower is going to be a long-standing fixture, whether it is in a bathroom, en suite or its own dedicated space. Getting the small design details right can make a big difference in boosting its longevity, making sure you are happy with it for years to come.

Get a handle on design

Shower door handles comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles and materials. It is important for the overall look and feel of your bathing space that you choose handles that fit with the aesthetic of the room.

First of all, think about materials. Your want an option that is resistant to damage and corrosion caused by long-term exposure to water, that cleans easily and does not encourage mildew to build up.

Many materials fit this bill. Wood is an attractive option to fit in with traditional decor and to add a touch of nostalgic elegance to a bathroom. But you have to make sure the wood is properly treated to protect against water ingress, and harder varieties are preferable. This can make wooden handles expensive.

Plastic is a cheaper option, but can look flimsy and unsubstantial. Ceramic is an interesting throwback option, but is prone to chipping and cracking.

The most popular materials in most homes nowadays are stainless steel or chrome. Both offer complete resistance to corrosion and are very easy to clean. In addition, the bright sheen of polished metal makes a pleasing fit with the glass panels commonly used to make shower cubicle walls and doors.

In terms of style, it is very much a matter of personal taste. Highly ornate shower door handles can be found in most materials. If traditional chic is your thing, highly decorative antique versions can be found, especially in wood and ceramic.

For a modern, clean, contemporary look, simple chrome or stainless steel examples may be preferred. Rather than rely on intricate design, these create an attractive contrast between the reflective properties of polished metal and the transparency of glass to use light for stylistic effect.

Shower door handles latching mechanisms

The other key consideration when choosing a shower door handle is how you want your shower doors to stay shut. The use of a latch or locking mechanism will influence the handle you choose.

There are numerous ways to latch shower doors closed. Magnetic strips are popular, especially on sliding shower doors. With these, the handle plays no role in the latching mechanism, so you are free to choose a simple free-standing pull model.

If you choose a latching mechanism, then the shower door handle will have to be attached to this. Here the handle plays an important mechanical role, either through an up and down lever or a rotary action. In some circumstances, for example on the door of a walk-in shower room, you may also want a lock included, perhaps with an external indicator to show if the lock is engaged or not.

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