Achieving Excellence in Athletics and Glass in Cheshire

Glass and Stainless is enormously proud to announce that we are now sponsoring GB triathlete Jack Schofield! Having made it our mission to produce the best bespoke glass in Cheshire, we are now keen to help someone else achieve their lofty goals.

Jack is a spectacularly talented athlete with a clear vision for the future. Within the next three years to 2019, he aims to secure a pro card, a significant step in any sporting career. To do this, he has a plan (we love a good plan!). For each of the next three years, Jack has established some clearly defined goals. To see them in full, visit his site.

Having previously studied architecture at Bath University and hailing from nearby Congleton, Jack seemed like the perfect individual for us to partner with. With such a background, we feel that he can accurately represent, understand and discuss the complex work Glass and Stainless are doing with glass in Cheshire. In the coming year, we will be helping Jack however and whenever we can, whether it be financial or drumming up support.

Silver At The World Championships

Just this weekend, Jack competed at the Penticton ITU Long Distance World Championships, winning a brilliant silver. This year’s event took place in Canada, with about 50 countries sending their top athletes. Earlier in the year, Jack had aimed to medal at the World Championships but due to ongoing knee injuries, his focus was just on completing such a challenging course. On the day though, Jack was able to exceed even his own expectations and push through the pain to come away with silver!

This race consisted of a 3km swim, followed by a 120km bike ride and then finally, a 30km run. After the swim and bike ride, Jack found himself in fourth position and was able to dig deep to overhaul two of the athletes in front. Given the issues with his knee, this is an astounding finish.

Looking To The Future

Long Distance World Championships over, Jack’s focus now turns to the 2017 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii on October 14th. Held annually on the island since 1978, it marks the culmination of all the year’s qualification races.

Obviously, training for events such as this takes an enormous amount of time, effort and dedication. If you want to get a sense of just how much Jack puts into this sport, and how hard he is working to achieve his goals, have a look at his Strava training updates. Additionally, he regular jots down his thoughts over on his blog, so check that out as well.