A Guide To Statement Glass Staircases

Our Guide To Statement Glass Staircases

The Glass

Glass is a brilliant material for staircases because it is both practical and looks fantastic. It’s most obvious advantage is that light is able to pass through the panels, ensuring that the space remains light and airy.

Any statement glass staircase will be made with a form of toughened glass to ensure that it can cope with the demands put upon it. Toughened glass undergoes certain heating treatments to vastly increase its strength. In the incredibly unlikely event that the glass should shatter, it has been designed to do so in a way that causes the minimal amount of injuries possible.

The Design

When it comes to statement glass staircases, you have a wide range of design options to choose from. They typically fall into three categories:

  • Traditional- featuring the standard rises, treads and stringers, a traditional staircase simply reaches up the floor of one room to the space above, potentially doubling back on itself in order to save space.
  • Cantilevered- also known as a floating staircase, cantilevered glass staircases seemingly hang in mid-air. Each individual tread is anchored into the wall with no visible connection between them, leaving the distinctive gap. This technique creates a stunning, eye-catching illusion.
  • Spiral- perfect for tight spaces, the treads on a spiral staircase wind their way around a central column. The footprint of a spiral staircase is far less than that of a traditional staircase. In order to establish the number of rotations the staircase will make, you need to know where you want the entry and exit points to be.

All three styles of staircase work well with glass and can produce outstanding results.


The Lighting

From a safety perspective, staircase lighting is incredibly important. That doesn’t mean however, that it can’t be used to make a stand-out impression.

A significant benefit of glass’ transparent nature is how well it works with coloured lighting. With a simple flick of a switch, you can flood your entire staircase with colour. It could be bold and bright or elegant and sophisticated, depending on which colour you decide on. If you can’t decide on one colour, why choose? Create a gorgeous rainbow effect with different coloured LEDs.

For much of the day, you’re unlikely to have the staircase lights turned on so think carefully about what your lights look like at night. It’s then that they’ll have the greatest impact. If you really want to make an impression, why not choose staircase lights that operate on a motion sensor? As you approach the stairs, they will automatically turn on. Not only will this impress visitors, it can also be a handy feature when your hands are full and you need to go up or down stairs.

LEDs are so small yet powerful that they can be fitted in a number of locations. You might choose to embed them into the side of the wall or into the every edge of each tread. Either way, the statement glass staircase should be sufficiently illuminated that you feel confident moving up and down it safely. If young children or the elderly are going to be using the glass staircase, we would certainly recommend investing in additional lighting.

If our guide to statement glass staircases has sparked your imagination, get in touch with Glass & Stainless. We can design, build and install your perfect bespoke staircase.