5 Reasons To Install A Glass Floor In Your Home

  1. It is a safe and structurally sound material
  2. Helps you to preserve any historical features
  3. Allows light into dark spaces
  4. Sets your house apart from others
  5. Shows off your collection whilst saving on space

Stunning to behold and certainly practical, glass floors are perfect for maximising light and use of space within your home. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, this unique architectural feature allows you to live comfortably in a property without compromising on style. To convince you further, here are 5 reasons to install a glass floor in your home.

5 Reason To Install A Glass Floor In Your Home

A Structurally Sound Material

It might go against all your instincts, but glass floors are a perfectly structurally sound building material. By choosing to install a glass floor in your home over other potential materials, you are in no way compromising your safety. Instead, you gain the advantage of having a really unusual architectural feature in your home.

Preserve The History Beneath Your Feet

If you are lucky enough to live in a property with historic features, you not only want to preserve them for future generations, but also make them a unique feature in your home. The presence of such historic features probably mean that you’re living in a listed building, in which case, permission to alter your property will require a certain level of conservation. Installing a glass floor in your home can help satisfy your legal obligations whilst ensuring that the room is still suitable and usable for your needs. The archaeology underneath will remain safe from damage but still on view for all to see.

Whether you’re living above the foundations of a Roman villa, a medieval church or a Victorian prison, a glass floor provides a window to the past.

Allow Light Into Windowless Rooms

In properties where space is an issue, homeowners are increasingly choosing to dig downwards. In doing so, they are able to maintain the size of their garden and avoid overlooking neighbouring properties. However, the resulting windowless rooms can easily feel dark and claustrophobic, even if they’re actually quite spacious!

Installing a glass floor in the basement ceiling, up to the room or garden above, is a brilliant way to combat this. Light, whether or artificial, is able to flood into the space and the room is given a greater sense of height. With a glass floor, you can truly make the most of your new underground room.

Feature That Sets Your House Apart

When it comes to a selling house, everyone is looking for that point of difference. House prices are high at the moment, so anything that makes your house more attractive to buyers is a distinct advantage. A glass floor will certainly ensure that your property stands out from the crowd.

Show Off Your Collection

Having spent years carefully building up and curating your collection of wines, books or other items, you want to show it off to best effect. Wall space can be limited so why not place your collection beneath a glass floor? There, it can be seen and admired by all your friends and family whilst still being easily accessed through a hinged opening. Spiral cellars are proving increasingly popular for this purpose.


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