3 Ways To Use An Opaque Glass Partition Wall

Here are our top 3 ways to use an opaque glass partition wall:

  1. To provide privacy whilst maintaining natural light
  2. To switch between privacy and transparency
  3. To create a blank canvas

Providing privacy whilst maintaining natural light with an opaque glass partition wall

With an opaque glass partition wall, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to privacy and light. Whichever style of opaque glass you choose to use, it will blur or distort any shapes placed behind it. You can do whatever you want behind that glass and nobody will be any the wiser. Light, including that all-important natural daylight, can still pass through the glass, illuminating the room beyond. The design possibilities are endless!

An increasingly popular design feature in hotels, but certainly suitable for the home as well, is the practice of separating the en-suite bathroom from the rest of the bedroom with an opaque glass partition wall. En-suites are often relatively small, windowless rooms in which you can easily feel closed-in or claustrophobic, especially if the room begins to heat and steam up. Having an opaque glass partition wall opens up the room by allowing natural light to flood in.

In an office, opaque glass walls are brilliant for creating private work spaces or meeting rooms that don’t feel dark and dingy. They even help solve that perennial issue of glare on computer screens.

As well as visually obscuring what’s going on beyond the glass, many opaque glass partition walls have sound insulation properties equal to that of a normal, solid partition wall.

Switching between privacy and transparency

With the advent of intelligent glass, also known as privacy or switchable glass, installing a opaque glass partition wall doesn’t have to mean permanently closing off an area. With just the flick of a switch, an electrical current is applied to the intelligent glass wall and the glass is transformed from opaque to completely transparent. Remove the electrical current again and the glass will revert to its opaque state.

As well as assisting with privacy, intelligent glass also comes with significant temperature control benefits. If the light levels within a room reach a certain level, sensors will detect that and automatically switch the glass to opaque, helping to keep temperatures low.

Creating a blank slate

The surface of an opaque glass partition wall is perfectly smooth and unblemished. This makes it ideal for projecting text or images onto. In a work environment, you could use an opaque glass partition wall in place of a projector screen for presentations in meetings, giving a sleeker and more impressive experience to clients. Back at home, you could turn an opaque glass partition wall into your very own home cinema. Simply sit back and relax as your favourite films, television shows and old family videos appear on your glass wall, free of any unfortunate dents or cracks.

Glass and Stainless can design and produce bespoke opaque glass partition walls, however you plan to use them. Contact us today to discuss your specification.