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Bespoke Glass & Stainless Supplies

When it comes to bespoke glass and premium quality stainless steel, Glass & Stainless are the name to trust. We have both the extensive technical knowledge and excellent customer service to get the job done efficiently and to your exact requirements. As official resellers for numerous architectural component manufacturers, you can trust that we will only supply you with the highest quality products and materials available. Check out our glass calculator to have your own bespoke glass made and delivered to your door.

Whatever you choose, we are committed to providing a fast delivery service. That way, you can get your project underway as soon as possible, without delay. In addition, our competitive pricing will help you stay on budget without compromising on quality.

At Glass and Stainless, we can design, build and install your bespoke glass or stainless steel feature. Our end-to-end service is hassle free and gives you a comforting reassurance that your home or office will look utterly stunning. Glass is an incredibly versatile material and we are more than willing to walk you through all the possible options.

What forms of bespoke glass do we offer?

When it comes to glass, safety is paramount. That’s why we recommend and supply various forms of safety glass, including toughened glass and laminated glass. Each has their own distinctive properties and we are more than willing to advise you on which is most suitable for your project. We are constantly monitoring our suppliers to ensure that they meet UK safety standards and will always seek to exceed requirements. As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional product quality, we will only work with accredited suppliers with a proven track record of excellence.

Remember, using glass doesn’t have to mean compromising on privacy. With bespoke glass you can control the opacity by adding a frosted or satin surface. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can even choose electric privacy glass. With just the flick of a switch, the glass transforms from total transparency to a more opaque finish, giving you the privacy you require. This form of glass also works brilliantly as a smooth surface upon which to project a screen, making it a brilliant addition to any office or living room.

To make a bold design statement, simply add colour. As light passes through, a gorgeous coloured shadow is thrown onto the space behind creating a beautiful effect. Why not use coloured glass in your front door to add interest to your hallway? Alternatively, you could choose to add an etched design to the glass. It could be delicate florals, striking geometric shapes or just a simple line border. Whatever look and feel you want to create, there is always a way to make glass work for you.

Glass is a strong material so don’t be afraid of using it in your staircases, flooring and balconies. It is the ideal structural material for allowing light to easily pass through two spaces, bringing light to darker areas of the property. It is also brilliant for revealing interesting features that might otherwise go unseen, such as artfully arranged wine cellars or historic timbers. We highly recommend using glass outside to maximise the views of your garden or the landscape beyond.

By choosing bespoke glass, you have the freedom to choose panels in any shape or size that you want. There’s no need to stick to the standard square or rectangle. If you’re uncertain about how to accurately measure the amount of glass you require, including those bits which are hidden by a frame, we can guide you through the process.

What forms of stainless steel do we offer?

Stainless steel is the perfect material for making the fundamental components of showers, balustrades, sliding/hinged doors, wall partitions and canopies. Renowned for its strength and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel is ideal for use outdoors and in damp environments. Whatever the weather, stainless steel will retain its distinctive polish and shine.

Less well known is the fact that stainless steel actually has remarkable self-healing properties. On the surface of the metal is a very thin film of Chromium Oxide. Should this layer become damaged in any way, whether physically or chemically, the steel becomes susceptible to corrosion and rust. However, if the damage is not too extensive, this film can actually heal itself. The exposed steel reacts with oxygen in the area, creating more of the protective Chromium Oxide.

An additional reason to choose stainless steel is its proven resistance to both high and low temperatures. It will retain its strength when exposed to both, so you can feel confident that it’ll get the job done, wherever you choose to use it.

Easy to clean and maintain, stainless steel is a long-lasting material. Once designed and installed, the cost of upkeep is minimal. This makes it an excellent choice over the long-term.

Stainless steel can be used in various forms, including posts, railings and wires. At Glass & Stainless, we can supply all of these and recommend which is most suitable for your requirements. We can also assist you in designing and installing any accompanying glass features.

Buying bespoke glass from Glass & Stainless

At Glass & Stainless, we keep a close eye on the bespoke glass market to ensure that our prices remain competitive. All of our quotes are written in easily understandable terms but we are certainly willing to explain any terms and answer your queries. We completely understand that some reassurance can be helpful when you’re buying your first bespoke glass or stainless steel product.

With access to warehouses all over the UK, we are committed to providing a fast and convenient delivery service. We are firmly aware of the time pressures associated with a project installation and will work hard to ensure that you have everything you need, right when you need it. If necessary, we can arrange for Saturday delivery at an additional cost.

To learn more about how we can help with the design and installation of your bespoke glass or stainless steel, get in touch today!